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coorg food fest
For those of you who have never heard of it, Coorg is Kodagu, the smallest district in Karnataka. If you were to draw a rectangle around it, it is only about 60 miles by 40 miles. The British, who could not pronounce Indian names correctly, or chose to distort them to make them their own, called Kodagu- “Coorg”,and its people, Coorgs rather than Kodavavas.

Kodagu lies high up on the Western Ghats, to the South-West of Bangalore. Its capital, Madikeri (Mercara to the British - see what I mean?) is 1525 meters feet above sea level and 252 kms from Bangalore. As in any cuisine, Coorg food is influenced by the geography (hills and forests), history (shrouded in mystery) and culture (unique) of its people.

For most Mumbaikars who are the ubiquitous foodies of the world, trying out something new, unique and different is a way of life. Starting 1-9th September ’10 the hospitality of the Coorgs, the unknown world of this martial race through their distinct style of cooking is now revisited at The Orchid at the South of Vindhyas.

Coorg cuisine is considered one of the most delicious among all the south Indian dishes. Vast varieties of food are prepared by a typical Coorg family. Coorg is famous for some dishes which specially originate in Coorg. Pandi Curry, Kadabu, Atti Payasa, Baimbale and some others are famous recipes. The Coorgs' (Kodavas) fondness for good food (kadi) and liquor (Kudi) is legendary. There aren’t any restaurants in Coorg that offer you authentic Coorg cuisine as part of their menu.

What is special about Kodava/Coorg cuisine is the way in which the various masalas are blended. The Kodava way of preparation is different from that of the other South Indian .Coorg cuisine is unique and is full of excellent Veg. and non veg. fares laced with spices that are grown all over Coorg and neighboring Kerala. Coorg cuisine is highly influenced by the mouth-watering South Indian delicacies, a lot of coconut, curry leaves, ginger, chilli and spices.

Coorgs use rice in a wide variety of traditional dishes that come in many shapes and forms. These range from their favourite breakfast dish, Akki Otti (rice chapathis made like phulkas from a dough of cooked rice and rice flour) to a large variety of Puttus (steam-cooked dishes). You can have Kadambuttu (ball shaped puttus), Thaliya puttu (flat puttus steamed in plates), Paaputtu (cooked with milk and shredded coconut), Nooputtu (thread puttu, pressed into noodle like threads with a mould), Od puttu (baked on a flat mud pan), Nuch puttu (made of broken rice), Madd puttu (made of a medicinal leaf called Madd Thopp)

Coorg Food Fest at The South of Vindhyas a few highlights of the menu:

Fish Kachelli Rs 575 barbecued fish-coorg style, Prawn coorgi masala Rs 795 succulent fresh prawns tossed with shallots, coconut vinegar and pepper corn, Meen barthad Rs 695 shallow fried tamarind flavoured fish, Meen curry 695 Fish curry spiced with green chilies and raw mango, Koli fry 525 a local favorite-Chicken marinated in native spices, Koli masala 525 Coorg fiery chicken preparation, Koli nalla mallu fry 525 Chicken pepper fry with shallots, Coorgi lamb curry 575 Lamb morsels cooked in fresh coriander and whole spice marinade, Kyme unday 575 Lamb meat dumplings in an aromatic curry, Pandi chootad 575 barbecued pork chops flavoured with orange chili, Pandi curry 575 Pork cubes cooled in red masala and coorgi vinegar, Koomu curry 525 spicy mushroom curry, Chakkai curry 425 Jackfruit curry with red beans and coconut, Mangyepajji 425 Ripe mango curry, Bamboo shoot curry 525

The above exhaustive list and more is evident that the Coorg Festival from 1st-9th September 2010 at the South of Vindhyas ,The Orchid, will open a whole new world to National cuisine, especially South Indian cuisine which is what the South of Vindhyas is famous for. Chef Bala Subramanian has taken all care that Mumbaikars and visitors to the city will partake in Coorg cuisine, difficult to get even in Kodagu unless one visits Kodava homes. Coorg Food Festival is a must check out for Lunch or Dinner followed by Coorg Coffee and Desserts. A la Carte meal for two will cost approximately Rs 1600 plus tax.

The Orchid - An Ecotel Hotel in Mumbai is Asia's first certified eco-friendly five-star hotel and world's only Ecotel to be certified as ISO 14001. This 245 - Rooms’ hotel is strategically located adjacent to the domestic airport making it a convenient place for the business and leisure traveler to stay. The Orchid experience exudes as soon as one enters the atrium with soothing sounds of the 70 feet indoor waterfall. Around the waterfall, on the first level is the Boulevard, the 24-hour Coffee Shop. The beautiful Orchids abundantly growing there radiate the Orchid experience.
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