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Conserving energy reduces the amount of greenhouse gases and pollutants in the atmosphere, water and soil and in addition, preserves our non-renewable resources. To qualify for the Energy Efficiency globe, we had to meet the following criteria :
  • The first exposure any building gets is directly from the sun's rays. Solar radiation creates a high heat load inside a building. The walls and windows at The Orchid were specially designed and treated in order to combat this.
  • The walls of the hotel have been constructed using aerated concrete blocks which have a 30% to 40% fly-ash component. These autoclaved cellular blocks help to curtail heat absorption and radiation to a great extent.
  • All windows in the hotel have been especially designed with triple glass. The reflective outer glass cuts off at least 15% of the heat load. After that comes an 85mm cavity, then, a sandwiched double glass, which also has a cavity between. All this substantially cuts off the infrared and ultra-violet radiation entering the building. This glass also ensures that noise-levels and visibility from outside are reduced, thus adding to the comfort and privacy of our guests.
  • All 24 hour lighting uses lamps that are energy-efficient according to ECOTEL standards.
  • In public spaces (i.e. guest rooms and front-of-house areas) within the hotel, 25% of the lighting fixtures are energy efficient according to ECOTEL standards.
  • 75% of the lighting fixtures are energy efficient according to ECOTEL standards:
    1. In back-of-house areas,
    2. In outdoor areas,
  • All environmentally harmful CFC's (e.g. R11, R12) have been excluded from being used in hotel operations and absorption refrigerant systems are in use.
  • Individual thermostats, controlled through the BMS are used to control HVAC levels in all indoor areas at The Orchid. This system is an effective tool in controlling levels of heating, cooling, and ventilation according to variable factors such as occupancy, time of use and weather.
  • We have a formal preventative maintenance program for all major energy consuming equipment. Besides ensuring that the equipment lasts longer, this program also makes sure that it runs more efficiently and effectively, maximising the amount of energy conserved.

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