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"A tree always grows from its roots, Every building needs a strong foundation"

Passive Energy Conservation Efforts in Design

the facade
Depressions and protrusions in the facade play an important role since majority of the dead walls remain under shadow thereby reducing the surface radiation.

the plan configuration
The building is designed with 72 rooms facing the atrium, therefore these rooms are not directly exposed to the external elements thus reducing the heat load.

natural lighting in the atrium
This has been achieved by skylight as an architectural element, detailed in a manner of doubly layered domes to reduce heat load and noise levels yet admitting maximum natural light in the atrium space.

roof top
The swimming pool is located on the rooftop with 4 feet of water body, which acts as an insulator from the heat. KoolDeck is applied around the swimming pool deck to reduce the glare and the surface temperature so that one can walk barefooted around the pool.

Civil Work

cement ("ambuja silicate")
To start at the very beginning the cement that has gone into making The Orchid an Eco friendly Hotel is absolutely environment friendly. This cement, PPC (Portland Pozzalana Cement) contains 15-20% fly ash, as compared to OPC (Ordinary Portland Cement).

QED (quite easily done)
We at The Orchid are not guilty of depleting the topsoil of the earth! Our internal partitions are made from QED wall panels, which are made from fertilizer waste, instead of red bricks, which are made from the topsoil of the earth. That's not all, these wall panels are reusable too and will save you from curing, plastering and recurring.

AAC (autoclaved aerated concrete)
Another environment friendly alternative used by us is AAC. We use this material for our external walling and wet walling structure of our Hotel. AAC is Eco friendly as it manufactured using approximately 60% fly ash. It is the brick substitute building material of the future having excellent thermal insulation properties and better sound absorption coefficient than ordinary bricks.

water conservation
At The Orchid we believe in the three "R" theory of reduce, reuse, recycle. Water being one of the earth's most precious resources and vital to life we have tried to put this theory in practice by taking special care to conserve this resource by employing carefully planned techniques enlisted below, which re-establishes our belief in the above theory.

aerators/flow restrictors
All taps contain aerators, which increase the water's force and reduce outflow, saving water. Using these aerators saves upto 50% of water. In addition in our staff cafeteria we have taps operating on timers.

cisterns and flushes
Two other ingenious water saving devices are the Geberit Concealed Cistern which uses only 6 litres of water per flush as against 15-20 litres used in conventional flushes, while the Geberit Urinal Flush Valve's infra red detector ensures a definite flush after every use preventing the unwanted flushing of timer set systems.

sewage treatment plant
At The Orchid we even recycle our wastewater. With the latest technology, wastewater is treated and then reused in areas like air conditioning & gardening.

drip irrigation
With the help of drip irrigation provided on site our endeavor to conserve water will increase two folds!

drinking water treatment (aquazone)
Aquazone employs ozone which destroys all micro organisms including bacteria, virus, spores, mould, fungi etc. The resultant water is absolutely safe, pure, fresh and healthy. The water is free from chlorine. When drinking water is treated with chlorine (chlorine is a highly carcinogenic chemical), the residual chlorine in water is also consumed alongwith the water. On the other hand ozone, having half the life of only about 20 minutes, unreacted ozone reduces to oxygen, leaving no trace of toxicity in water. This makes it the most environment friendly treatment known today.

Aquazone water can be used for drinking, cooking, and washing fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry and seafood to destroy surface bacteria for healthier preservation, Ozonised water can also be used for disinfecting anything. Ozonised water is colorless and odorless. Chlorine and its derivatives are carcinogenic and are potential health hazards, adding to the pollution. Ozone is the ultimate in disinfection. It destroys almost all the micro-organisms and while doing so it reduces to oxygen. This makes it the most ideal and environment friendly system ever conceived.

Aquazone diffuses a controlled dosage of ozone into the drinking water as and when required. Ozone reacts with impurities like micro-organisms and chemicals neutralizing them. The result is clean fresh and healthy water to drink.


rubber wood (siti wonder wood)
Despite its natural timber look the window frames, master control panel in the guestrooms and shutters are made from Rubber wood. After producing rubber sap and the tree is cut down, the same cannot be used for any constructive purpose, as the wood acquired from the rubber tree is soft.

The rubber wood then derived is processed and the upgraded wood, which has been vacuum, impregnated using unleachable type of timber preservative chemicals is kiln seasoned to ensure dimensional stability.

nuwud MDF (medium density fibre wood)
If you are the superstitious kind then there is no place at The Orchid where you will be able to "TOUCH WOOD"! This is because the interior works of our Hotel is made from MDF, which is manufactured using cotton stalks. The cotton tree, which grows to a height of 5-6 feet, is cut down after yield and the same is usually rendered useless. With the help of advanced technology, the waste stalks of the cotton tree then goes through a manufacturing process which includes chipping, sieving, washing and cooking of the fibre chips. After this lengthy procedure Medium Density Fibre Wood is produced having all the features of natural wood.

reused wood
At our specialty restaurant called "South of Vindhyas" the entire interiors i.e. the woodwork has been made from wood recycled from old buildings! This concept was specially incorporated keeping our eco-friendly image of the Hotel.

triple glazed windows
The triple glazed window comprises of a hermetically sealed double glazed unit and an added reflective glass. This triple glazed window blocks the heat of the sun from entering the room and helps in conserving the air-conditioning energy. An added advantage of this unit is that it prevents fabric and furniture colours from fading as the triple glazed unit prevents the infra red light from the sun to enter the room. These windows also help in effectively cutting out the noise pollution from India's busiest airport.

At The Orchid we have not only made efforts to reduce our solid waste and conserve water but also have contributed in saving energy. To know more about the energy saving techniques at our hotel read on:
PL lamps/fluorescent tubes
At The Orchid energy efficient PL lamps are used which provide as much light as ordinary bulbs, yet consume substantially less energy.

To cite an example: using a 10W PL lamp will give an equal amount of brightness as a 60W incandescent bulb whereas the former (PL lamp) will have a power consumption of 25% the latter will have a power consumption of 100% !

What's more since your room lights come in only when your key card is inserted there's no chance that lights or the air conditioner remains on once you leave the room.
mini bars
The mini bars used in the guestrooms by us save upto 40% energy, as it is equipped with "fuzzy logic" which senses the load inside the refrigerator and cools it accordingly. Also an added advantage is that these mini bars are CFC free.

electronic reduced voltage soft starter cum energy saver for A/C compressor
During the start, the motor acceleration is controlled by gradually increasing the motor current to a reference current ramp limit. In the energy saving mode the applied voltage is adjusted by sensing that the motor current is minimum.

major benefits
Electrical - to reduce starting current Mechanical - to control starting acceleration Economic - to save energy on partially loaded motors plus electronic motor protection without extra cost.


At The Orchid ozone depletion levels have been reduced to 99.55% as we have used the more eco-friendly alternative i.e. R22 instead of CFC refrigerants. The mono screw chillers which have the least number of moving parts operates on a stepless efficiency range of 10% to 100%.

Attached to the air-conditioning system is the STL tank to store cold energy during off-peak hours. This stored energy is then used during the peak hours /periods reducing compressor overloading and cutting power consumption.

The heat generated from the air conditioners provides hot water to the guestrooms, laundry, toilets and kitchen.

air scrubber for boiler
At The Orchid we have taken steps to reduce air pollution by installing what is known as Air Scrubbers in the boiler outlet connected with the chimney. The boiler produces high amount of carbon dioxide fumes which passes through the scrubber and is emitted through the chimney (the fumes emitted are clear white fumes instead of the dark/black fumes usually seen). This is because when the fumes pass through the scrubber water is sprayed and the carbondioxide dissolves and settles down in the shower traps and clear fumes are emitted in the air. The consumption of water is 300-600 litres per hour for 1000-meter cube of gas, reducing the fume gas temperature from 250 degrees C to 50 degrees C. The water utilised in the air scrubber is recycled water from Sewage treatment plant (STP). Similar type of equipment installed in the kitchen exhaust system is called air washer which works on the same principles.


master control panel
This control panel in the guestrooms incorporates a unique feature known as the green button. On pressing the green button the thermostat of the air-conditioning unit is stepped up by two degrees. The saving in electricity resulting from the 2 degrees increase in temperature is translated into rupee terms and the same is displayed on the guest folio and profile. A certificate is then issued to the guest who has voluntarily participated in conserving energy. A database is maintained of all these guests and we have developed a direct mail link with them, telling them about our ongoing environmental activities.

interactive T.V.
Let's get Interactive! These are televisions in the guest rooms by which you can receive your messages on the TV, order room service through the interactive TV, set top box. the welcome letter also will be displayed on this and last but not the least you will also be able to view your room bill on the TV.

zero garbage
The Orchid in its endeavor to become a "zero garbage" hotel has taken various measures to reduce the waste being generated. To reinforce this we have undertaken the project of vermiculture on our hotel site. For this purpose we have built 9 bins on site wherein all the kitchen garbage is diverted for the process. This endeavor of ours has helped us to achieve our "zero garbage" mission; the second benefit of this act is that we are not adding to the waste stream of our city. I think we can safely say that we are the first 5 Star Hotel in Mumbai to undertake vermiculture.

Operational Practices

The hangers used in guestroom are made from Sawdust.
At The Orchid fruits are served on request so as to avoid wastage.
In keeping with our environment theme in mind at The Orchid we use Herbal products, which are manufactured under an Ayurvedic license; these products are not tested on animals and do not contain any animal fat.
In our strive to reduce waste we have reusable cloth laundry bags instead of the standard paper or plastic bags as in other hotels, in which the guests could send the clothes for laundering and the same will be delivered in reusable cane baskets wrapped in muslin cloth. A laundry button is incorporated in the master control panel, eliminating the use of laundry pick up tent cards.
Newspapers at The Orchid are delivered, on request, in reusable cane baskets/cloth bags instead of the usual paper or plastic bags.
shopping bags
Want to go shopping? Just for you, The Orchid provides you with a specially designed cloth shopping bag with the environment messages we believe in.
ECO harvest
As a special give away for all our dear guests we have the "Eco Harvest" a basket containing a herbal pillow which induces sleep, a bunch of neem twigs, two aromatic oils & five age old herbs.
pens / pencil
To prove our commitment to the environment The Orchid uses eco-friendly pens and pencils. The eco-pens are made using recycled cardboard, reprocessed plastic and scrap wood. The cardboard, which is used as barrel, is free from chlorine usage in the manufacturing stage. The plastic as the head and base is made from reprocessed ABS (a thermoplastic material that can be recycled and/or remoulded). Scrap wood is obtained from discarded cases used for packing purposes.

The Eco pencils are not made of wood but of a non-toxic polymer with the use of natural fillers. Woodsaver pencils are made using a shaft, which is made of biodegradable materials such as talc, gypsum and clay.
recycling bins
Separate recycling bin with a sticker for guest use is placed in all rooms.
recycled garbage bags
The garbage bags used by us are made from recycled plastic and milk pouches.
cut flower vs potted plants
Why use dead flowers to bring a room alive ? At The Orchid , you'll find cut flowers cut to an absolute minimum - instead living vibrant plants help bring the beauty of nature indoors
carbon paper
There is no use of carbon paper made at The Orchid, as the chemicals used in carbon paper are toxic which kill the micro-organisms that break down solid waste, reducing the volume of waste in the landfill.
With forests dwindling and the air we breathe under threat, every contribution helps. Which is why you'll find all paper products at The Orchid contains at least 30% recycled content.
To further show you how down to earth our Eco sensitivity is, even the stylish slippers in your room are hand crafted from natural reed for your comfort. The cane tray is meant for shoes to be sent for polishing instead of using a plastic bag.
do not disturb, make up room & laundry sign
Having the Do not Disturb, MAKE UP ROOM and LAUNDRY sign outside the door inturn reduces the waste that would have been otherwise generated by having these signs made from paper.
The Orchid has demonstrated the highest level of environment sensitivity by using paints that are eco-friendly. The exterior of our hotel is a water based paint with negligible VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) content of only 0.0125% and the paint used for interiors has 0% VOC
jute folders
The Stationery, Guest Service and minibar folders are made from jute.
boxes for tissues, cotton & soap suds
Tissue boxes, jars for cotton balls and soap suds are made from NUWUD, instead of having had to use acrylic.
water flask & glasses
The water flask in the guestrooms are left empty which are filled after asking the guest for his preference of hot, cold or room temperature water as water already filled and kept in the flask leads to guest perception of the water being stale, which they promptly ask to be replaced.

The glasses too are turned upside down and kept in the tray, thereby doing away with having to wrap each glass in a plastic bag and consequently generating more waste for the hotel.

anti cockroach herbal treatment
This treatment has been recently introduced and is the first of it's kind in India to eradicate cockroaches. This herbal paste contains extracts from herbs and the treatment is totally different than the conventional spray treatment. By using this treatment there are no health hazards, as there is no use of any poisonous chemicals. No cleaning is required after the treatment is done hence there is no wastage of water, detergents etc.

This medicine is in the form of a paste and it is applied to all nooks and corners in the form of small globules in the premises, which is to be treated. This paste can also be applied in refrigerators, ovens, toasters, microwaves mixers, computers as it is non-poisonous.

cloth mats
To reduce the waste generated by our hotel we use cloth mats instead of paper ones.

single serving items minimised
To add to the above, use of single serving items are minimised at The Orchid. In all Food & Beverage outlets, use of condiments like sugar sachets is replaced by using sugar cubes; jams, sauces, ketchup which are served in preserve pots and butter chiplets have been replaced by butter curls.
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