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"Do not walk Behind me , for I cannot see you ; Do not walk in front of me, for I cannot lead; Walk beside me, and be my friend."

Team Members:
Every member of The Orchid team from the Managing Director down to the newest recruit has a total commitment towards being environmentally responsible. At the recruitment stage we select those individuals who have the drive in them or showed concern and care for the environment.

Environment education, in fact starts from the very first day the team members join The Orchid. They go through an intensive one week training programme, wherein they are educated to understand the importance of the environment to not only their livelihood but also to the future of the world. The team members are on a six-month probation on successful completion of only are they confirmed. In our annual appraisal forms too we have a separate section dedicated towards this.

We have monthly activities for our team members in which they can participate. To mention a few - quizzes, slogan competitions, sketching & drawing competitions, Eco-Skits, on the spot surprise quizzes, clean-up drives, etc.

The team members actively participate in programmes and activities organised for the community to spread and create the awareness of being environmentally responsible.

We have a Green Team in the hotel, which acts as the Green Eyes of the hotel. It comprises of Two members from each department, who are nominated by their respective departmental heads. Besides assisting in the various programmes, they implement and audit the environment practices in their respective departments. They are also empowered to conduct training classes in their areas and go on inspection to various departments. With the help of the Green Team, not only is wastage in our hotel, kept to a bare minimum, but also every employee is kept well-aware of his/her environmental commitments.

Team members participating in any environment activities are given a gift for the efforts made by them e.g. as an incentive for the clean up drive all those who participated were given a T-shirt with an environment slogan. For the other ongoing competitions (mentioned above) winners are given momento's and on other such occasion's cash rewards are also given. The Orchid also gives each of its team members a cloth bag as an alternative to using plastic bags. The more dedicated the team member, the more chance he has of being included into the Green Team of the hotel & being made a Green Team member. They are also given a chance to represent the hotel at various seminars and events organised by the hotel and/or in which the hotel is participating. It is not only the team members, but also the executives and heads of departments who show enthusiasm, involvement and commitment towards our environmental causes.

The Following Statistics were Revealed in a Recent Environment Survey carried out at the Hotel:
37% team members' felt that Recycling is the most important and visible programme in our hotel.
98% of our team members have environment practices at home.
65% were willing to volunteer 1 hour per week, unpaid, to help make the hotel more environment friendly.
94% team members would like to be involved in an environment, nature or conservation organisation in their free time.
99% would like to see the environmental sensitivity of the hotel to improve further.
99% are willing to make changes in the way they work, if the changes make the hotel more environmentally sound

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